Common Core State Standards Resources


In a nationwide effort to provide clear, consistent, uniform expectations for all students K-12 across the United States, Common Core State Standards have been created for both mathematics and English Language Arts. The monumental task of moving from state created standards to the Common Core will begin for many districts September, 2011. Are you ready?

Two books that address the Common Core in the areas of both mathematics and literacy include:

1.  Common Core State Standards – Building a Solid Foundation

ISBN-13:  978-1460907016    (Available at and Barnes & Noble)

This handbook is for those new to presenting and implementing the Common Core. Here, you will find an abundance of ready-to-use tools and step-by-step instructions designed explicitly for the purpose of conducting CCSS professional development and gap analysis at all grade levels.

2.  Common Core State Standards – 75 Graphic Organizers for Optimal Implementation K-12

ISBN-13:  978-1461137412   (Available at and Barnes & Noble)

This book contains 75 graphic organizers that have been designed to assist educational professionals with capturing valuable, personal representations of concepts, ideas, and information relating to the CCSS. In addition, tools for investigating effective instructional practices and assessments are included.  This collection of graphic organizers supports effective professional development workshops, study groups, and independent reflection and planning as movement is made toward the implementation of the Common Core.


Happy reading!


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